Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finding God in All Things

Photo from Hekima College entrance with the Ignatian
Family Encounter (IFE) logo and World Social Forum Flag!

Today, 18 January 2007, is the second day of the Ignatian Family Encounter. Our days are structured and quite long -- we begin most plenary sessions at 8:15am and go until mass at 5:00pm. They are long days but filled with great information and reflection.

On day #1, we enjoyed a plenary session from Fr. Fraterne Massawi, S.J., (photo, center below) Moderator of JESAM and Dr. David Khaulem, Professor at Arrupe College in Zimbabwe, discuss how Ignatian identity informs the vision of social transformation.

On day #2, we had plenary sessions including Fr. Shirima Valerian, S.J., Provincial of the Eastern Africa Province and Sr. Ephygenia Gachiri, IBVM on how Ignatian pedagogy informs they way we work for social transformation.

While the conversations address the specific realities of the continent of Africa, I am trying to make connections for collaborative work with the US or realities that we can share for greater awareness and sensitivity in our own ministries.

Also, the workshop topics (and plenary review sessions!) are so expansive: HIV/AIDS, Refugees - Freedom of Movement, Management of Natural Resources, Conflict & War & Peace, and Debt and Trade in Development. I will try to post some 'interesting statistics' from the review sessions on the other side of the blog.

Jim Stormes, SJ (left) and John Kleiderer both work at the Jesuit Conference in Washington, D.C. in Social and International Ministries. They are part of the 5 person US delegation that includes myself, Fr. Steve Privett, SJ (President of U. San Francisco) and Mr. Tim Kelly, MAR Provincial Assistant for Social and International Ministries. These two are enjoying our down time just before mass!

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