Thursday, April 3, 2008

'Health Care Sunday' in Michigan -- 'Get your parish involved'!

April 27 is "Health Care Sunday" in Michigan

This spring, Catholics committed to social justice in Michigan are joining thousands of other individuals in placing a proposal on the November ballot called "Health Care for Michigan." This proposal would require the Michigan Legislature to enact policies that control health care costs and ensure that all Michigan residents have basic health insurance. Click here to view the petition.

In conjunction with Cover the Uninsured Week, over 200 congregations from across the State of Michigan will be participating in "Health Care Sunday" the weekend of April 26-27. All across the state, announcements will be made about the Health Care Campaign and interested parishioners will be invited to sign the petition after Mass.

To sign on as a participating congregation or to help support the proposal, please contact Vicky Kovari or Brian Peck for more information on Health Care Sunday. If your parish wants to participate but is unable to do it on April 26-27, there will be an alternative weekend before the June 1 filing deadline.

The support of Catholic congregations and other people of faith will be essential to the success of this initiative. We hope you will seriously consider joining the hundreds of other faith communities in Michigan to support health care as a basic right. More information on the campaign is available at: