Wednesday, June 6, 2007

2 Simple Ways to Support Immigration Reform -- NOW!

This is a critical time for Immigration Reform -- and I'm requesting that you take just a few minutes to act on behalf of those who are most in need and vulnerable in our society right now.

*** "Immigration" issues have been named by the
Provincials of the US Assistancy as a social priority for us in the 110th Congress.
The debate in the Senate right now will make/break any immigration reform that could be possibleprior to the shifting of focus to the 2008 elections. ***

Please, please act... Below are 2 ways and sample email messages/phone messages you can use to engage this action. If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to contact me. With much of the academic calendar coming to a close, it is a busy time of year for many in our works. But 10 minutes of your time could affect the entire life of a fellow son/daughter of God.

The Senate has been engaging this issue for some time; debate resumed on June 5, 2008. According to the Justice for Immigrants campaign (, this is a KEY time to contact members of the Senate and communicate our message motivated by our Gospel heritage.
MI Senators:
Sen. Carl Levin(202) 224-6221
Sen. Debbie Stabenow(202) 224-4822
OH Senators:
Sen. George Voinovich(202) 224-3353
Sen. Sherrod Brown(202) 224-2315

2 simple ways YOU can act to help:
i. simply leave your message with a staffer with the suggested text below and make sure you leave your name and place of residence
i. Copy the text below into an email and sign your name (including your place of residence and title)
ii. Go to the following sites and use their automatic message service:
* Jesuit Conference --
* Justice for Immigrants (USCCB sponsored site) --

1. Our most simple message is 'we support amendments which strengthen family unity and oppose amendments that limit the numberof persons eligible for the Z visa legalization program.'

2. The USCCB does not support or oppose the Senate Immigration Bill, S. 1348. They are urging men and women of faith to see this billas the starting point and to make it better with the addition of several key amendments. We support the following amendments:
a. #1194 (Menendez-Hagel) which moves the cut-off date for family backlogreduction from May 2005 to January 1, 2007; This would help 800,000 applications and strengthen family reunification.
b. #1183 (Clinton-Hagel) which would move immediate relatives (spouses, minor children) of legal permanent residents from a capped category to the uncapped immediate relative category, thereby eliminating backlogs from this group

Sample text:
'Hello, my name is _________________________, and I live in the State of ______________. I am calling to ask Senator __________ to support comprehensive immigration reform by supporting the Menendez/Hagel amendment (#1194) to the Senate Immigration Bill S. 1348, as it would enable poeple who have gone through appropriate channels to maintain family unity through the backlog reduction provisionsof the bill. I do support the path to legalization for the undocumented, but believe in the issue of fairness that all families who applied before January of 2007 for family visas should be considered.

Secondly, I would ask Sen. __________ to please support the Clinton/Hagel amendment (#1183) to ensure that visas for spouses and children of Legal Permanent Residents are not capped in the bill's backlog reduction provisions. Families deserve to remain intact, and trying to keep them apart will only rip our social fabric and entice more undocumented immigration. Thank you!'

If you need any help in this, please call/email me. I am here to help...And thank you for your work in helping immigration reform be reformed in a logical manner that helps our society and echoes our faith!